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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sic Semper Tyrannis

The human being who would desire and wish to lead fellow human beings is doing a disservice.

Instead of teaching humans to lead themselves, each human being their own leader, you choose to take advantage and deprive them of the tools of leadership.

"I will lead, yet I shall not give you the means to practice this same endeavor".

If you can wrestle your mind forward, just a little bit forward in time, and look at our current time you too will see it for what it is.

A dark age, where enlightenment is patented and kept a closely guarded secret. Where the truth lies in bunkers, knowledge too powerful for the average human to possess.

I look back at us as we are now and it baffles me. How do we jump so quickly to appoint humans to steal our decisions from us? Is not EVERY human a member of this society? Are we not ALL meant to rule ourselves?

When you vote you are giving away your leadership, your humanity.

A politician is just someone who decides what your votes will be.

Should not EVERY political decision be voted on by EVERY member of a society? The idea of a representative is archaic. We WILL come to a time when every decision will be weighed upon directly by you. NOT by someone who craves and desires to make your decisions for you.

Every human is a leader. Every human is a member of society. Destroy your politicians, and you shall ALL become politicians. Destroy your leader, and you shall ALL become leaders. There WILL be a day when everyone's input is granted equal merit, there WILL come a day when every decision is made by ALL of us, and not by an elite few.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There is only one way to diminish the inherit corruption of absolute power, and that is to split it up completely equally among the masses. ONLY then will we have a Government for the people, of the people and by the people. A government that IS the people, in every block of marble, in every inch of tile our government shall be built at last the way it was intended to be.

A government THAT IS THE PEOPLE.

I look forward to the time that our species shall evolve to this level of social advancement.
What a time you shall live in. What a time for rejoicing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Greatest Gamble

I desire the phrase "Human's reach, exceeds their grasp" to be but a fallacy. For if indeed it is true our doom shall be our wager. We are betting our planet, and everything on it that we will be able to develope means and technology to acquire resources off-world faster than we will be able to reproduce sexually and use up supplies.

We are also gambling that we will have world peace before we will have another world war.

We are also gambling that we will develope a means to prevent world hunger before our population exceeds the amount of food that we are capable of producing.

We are gambling that our advances in robotics will outpace the level that they replace human workers in the sense that instead of getting to a period of such mass unemployment and suffering caused by advances in robotics and computing, we will get to the point where ALL jobs will be able to be replaced by robotics and computing FIRST.

We are gambling that our advances in Scientific Discovery will outpace our Population. I wonder how many different species that come to be the dominant life forms on their respective planets get this close to procreating themselves out of existence?

In for a penny in for a pound. Blow on those dice because we only get one roll motherfuckers. All in.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Scientific possibility of an Afterlife

Let's face it, having your organs fail to transport oxygen to your brain sucks. From what we are able to determine when you die, your neurons stop sending information between them. It is like you freeze as a person. You have every single thought and memory locked up in the neurons, but without a way for the neurons to transfer information to each other they are worthless and soon die. So your brain dies, and it starts to rot. And that is it.

And this is People die so fast on this planet that it is barely noticeable as the amount of dead pile up and start to catch up with the increased birthrate/lifespan. Every single person on the planet goes through this between 0-100 orbits of the planet Earth around the star Sun. They gather a vast amount of experiences, thoughts, dreams, loves, only to have them turn into compost. A person dies every 6 seconds on this planet. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. Dead dead dead dead.

There is no Scientific Evidence for ANY type of afterlife, soul/spirit, continuance of life after death. You stop thinking. You never have another thought ever again. In fact any thought that you ever had is gone completely.

Your favorite song, you lose any memory of that song. In fact you lose any memory of ever having heard music, or even what hearing is. It is all just completely wiped out. If you had a love, your memory of your love is gone as if it never even existed. Any memory of the emotion of love is gone as if it never even existed.

Honestly if this is the way death is and I were to know without a shadow of a doubt that when you died this is what happens I think I would just check out A.S.A.P. and off myself.

Really the only thing that keeps me going is evolution. The hypothesis that there is other intelligent life in the Universe and that they evolved to our level of technology billions of years ago. The hypothesis that other life forms are so technologically advanced that they have developed a way to create an artificial afterlife because they realized how much it sucks to die and rot into nothing.

All I know is when faced with the prospect of never having had existed at all it can topple the mightiest of humans. That is why religion is so successful and popular. There are only two choices. You die and it is like you never even existed, or magical happy heaven afterlife with ponies and all your family and relatives and you drink wine with jeebus and eat biscuits. Yeah lol. No WONDER the majority of American Citizens believe in this shit. They have no other choice. They have no other option.

Shit I do not think that there is a religion alive that does not make the continuance of your spirit/soul a MAJOR factor in the religion. It is the, how do you say, selling point?

I wish the rest of the world shared the hard, cold, truth of death. I am sure we could put aside these religious differences, these skin tone differences, these eye shape differences, these sex differences, these sexuality differences, these age differences, these language differences, these tribal differences, these petty differences.

We ALL get fucked in the ass by Death. Imagine how much headway we could make into lifespan extension and survival if we all put forth our most extreme intense efforts (EXTREME! lol) into fighting death and disease and safety and biotechnology.

As it is now having 95% of the worlds population follow a god/religion ensures that this life, this planet is considered nothing but a test for the faithful and a doormat on their way to their respective afterlife's.

Monday, January 24, 2011


What are countries borders but cages between our same Race? The human race keeps itself divided on politics/religion/breed.

We have a Border between Mexico and the U.S. The people in Mexico want to come to the U.S., work, return home with the money and build their family/country/economy. If you think anything less than you do not know the human reach for freedom. It seems to exceed our grasp.

What is happening is that the workers are forced to come here illegally, not be able to pay taxes, not be able to make NEARLY competitive wages as when compared to a U.S. citizen (in many cases not even close to minimum wage), but take advantage of a social system that demands taxes to run but by not paying taxes they are not contributing to what they take which destroys the social system.

Why not let them come here, compete for a competitive wage, PAY FAT FUCKING AMOUNTS OF TAXES on that competitive wage? Isn't that the American spirit? Capitalism? If someone is doing something you work harder and improve on it to make it better than the others persons product? If a Mexican can come to the U.S., work harder in a fair environment but say, maybe make them pay the same amount of taxes that I do at 33 single no kids never married white fully healthy male? Being in the highest tax bracket SUCKS FUCKING DICK. I pay gobs and gobs and gobs of taxes. I am ok with it. Make those fucking Mexicans pay taxes in my bracket! Show them fucking Redballs. WELCOME TO MY WORLD FUCKERS! THE WORLD OF HUGE TAXESSSS!!!! Fuck THAT is the American way. THAT is the American spirit.

I am sure they would be o.k. with that. Being able to work with at least minimum wage, but weeping their delicious tears all over that tax statement at the end of the month in horror and agony.


I really do hope that someday we will be able to remove our borders and walk across the land without even a UAV Predator drone in sight. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The problem is the Human Genetic C0de

WE are the problem. HUMANS are the problem. For so long now I have searched for how can things be fixed here on Earth? Certainly there is some way to make things better?

Sadly there is only ONE way to fix things. We have to alter the human genetic code and take out the garbage that has been there since the beginning of our evolutionary path.

The primitive lust and jealousy. The worthless greed and hoarding. The uncontrollable sexual desire. These things that served us when the world was savage and we were savages. These things they still remain and need to be removed. Improvements must be made. Having the most advanced hunter to arise through evolution put into a sport coat does not prevent the savage hunter killer from coming out. That sport coat is just covering up the truth. We are savages. Bloody hunters. And we are fucking good at it. The best that the evolution of life on Earth has created.

How do you have ambition without greed? How do you reward the drive for discovery, invention, creation, without wads of currency? What kind of a carrot on a stick can you have that replaces money, fame, higher probability of fornicating/reproducing, cars, houses, material possessions? All these things also mean more security, less need to have to worry about food or shelter or clothing. How do you find a replacement for that? Capitalism is a definitive "I rest my case" example of the Human Greed and how powerful it is.

Are we stuck as primitive savages forever?

I feel lost and alone in my world. I too suffer from the curse of humanity. It is an everyday, every second struggle for me to battle with my ancient inherited survival instincts. I like to play who is the better killer. I fight the build up of testosterone inside my body. I do constant battle with greed.

But I want to change. And that is what sets me apart from you, from them.
I want to evolve.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Collar Tie

Walter Tango Foxtrot! What the fuck was I born into? This is blashphemy! This is MADNESS! THIS IS SHEEPWORLD! Follow the fucker in front of you like the good lemming you are.

WHY THE FUCK DO WE WEAR COLLARS? Why of course so that we can hold our Tie's in place. Why do we wear ties? Because no one bothers to ask any questions about ANYTHING!


The Tie and collar serve absolutely no purpose other than to identify you as a non question asking sheep lemming. Cool Story Bragh. Let me tie a giant rope around my neck as tight as fucking possible that hangs down in front of me in one of the most uncomfortable ideas of fashion ever imagined.

Fuck I would rather have to wear uncomfortable spiked heels than have a noose constantly restrict my throat and larynx. ARE YOU ALL INTO BONDAGE? Is this some kind of a fetish? Do you like being tied up and look submissive?

Jesus Fuck can one of these designers who sets the trend for humanity PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FUCKING PLEASE tell the world the tie and collar are OUTDATED?!?!?!?!?

Fuck your collars. And fuck your ties. To the Fucking Cocksucking Asshat Douchbag who invented this design, I shit down your corpses throat and piss on your gave. Asshole.

Monday, February 8, 2010

the Great Silence

So what are talking about here? The reason why the vacuum is not filled with radio signals from other intelligent species? Maybe because there are more stars forming and exploding than there are transmissions and the radio signal is wiped out by all the the star interference. Stars explode and put out some crazy ass waves that could eat up the signals? Maybe we need to find the bandwidght that star novas do not eat up.